Submersible protector

The TVEM protector is a standard module combined protector. The protector is the director of the capsule type protector and the subsidence protector, which is designed into the form of the standard section, which is convenient to be arranged according to the mathematical mode. Therefore, the design of a multifunctional connecting seat.

The standard module can be changed at any time to add a capsule or capsules and settlement settlement type assembled in a variety of different structure forms, and also through the assembly changes into a single cavity, double cavity, three cavity structure, to meet different customer needs or underground conditions.

TVEM standard module combined protection device has two product lines, TVPRD and TVPR, where TVPRD TVEM is the latest product, TVPR its products into more than TVEM patented technology, the product modularization higher, better reliability, more structure, more products. Recommended products for TVEM.

TVPRD products are 338 series, series 387, Series 400, series 540, series 17, each series has a different structure of the form of the 675. The 400 series to the 675 series provides weld structural products, series 387 to series provides pre oiling (PF) structural products, Series 400 and series 540 for high sand protection.

The TVEM protector allows the selection of a suitable protector according to the special well condition. High strength shaft, high temperature resistant rubber material and high load thrust bearing can be used to meet the extreme conditions. Corrosion resistant spray structures can be used to contain CO2, H2S and other corrosive environments. The TVEM protector provides the ultimate protection to prevent the well fluid from entering the motor.

According to the needs of the user, TVEM can design and manufacture a variety of special structure of the protector.

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