Submersible pump

The submersible pump is the core equipment of electric submersible pump, submersible pump has TVEM design engineer professional and excellent submersible pump manufacturing workers, which can provide 338, 387, 400, 540, 538, 675 series of submersible pump products for the user. , 50Hz is 19 to 4600 cubic meters / day, 60Hz rated output of 150 to 35000 barrels / day.

TVEM submersible pump is a multistage centrifugal pump. The impeller and guide shell material is I type nickel cast iron with good mechanical properties. Special metal materials and special structural forms can be used for corrosion wells or sand wells.

TVEM submersible pump spindle material for the standard Monel K-500 alloy shaft, but also can provide high strength shaft material.

Anti corrosion spray structure of submersible pump can be used to contain CO2, H2S and other corrosive environment.

The application of tungsten carbide bearing in TVEM submersible pump can meet the requirements of sand bearing well or other operation life of the pump, and it has shown good wear resistance in practical application.

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