Cable protector

Cable sheath protector adopts ZnO varistor (or ZnO valve) as a protective element, no series gap, good protective characteristics, excellent current voltage curve, has been widely used in the protection of high voltage electrical equipment in power system.

Power cable 35kV power cable section and 66kV, 110kV and above voltage level are single core cables, cable metal sheath is three-phase interconnection and grounding, the other end is not grounded, when the voltage along the cable core flow of lightning or internal, cable metal sheath grounding end there will be high the impact of overvoltage, or when short-circuit accident system current through the cable core, the protective layer is not ground terminal will also appear high frequency induction overvoltage. The overvoltage may break through the insulation layer of the cable, which can cause the multi-point grounding fault of the cable metal sheath, which seriously affects the normal operation of the power cable and even reduces the service life of the cable. Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of the standard DL/T401-2002 "electric power industry of high voltage power cable selection guide" should be used in the cable sheath protector to limit the power cable metal sheath (or metal sheath) induction voltage and the overvoltage fault.

In general, in order to limit the induced voltage and fault Overvoltage on the metal protective layer of the power cable, and to avoid the formation of circulation in the protective layer, one end of the cable protective layer is directly grounded, and the other end is protected by a protector. If the line is longer, the cable protective layer can be divided into three sections (or multiples of three), and the protective layer of the protective layer is connected with the cross section of the protective layer.

Cable sheath protector sheath protector with imported insulating material as external insulation, excellent electrical performance, good sealing performance, discharge gap, the band gap of silicon carbide varistor protection protection etc. compared with the traditional, the volt ampere characteristic is more superior.

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