Oil separator

The inlet section is used in the pump suction nozzle volume < 10% wells, and with the use of submersible pump, which is fluid entering the pump channel, without oil and gas separation function.

TVEM import segment, including 338, 387, 400, 540, five series of 675.

The two devices can choose one or the combination of the two devices as an essential part of the submersible electric pump system according to the different well conditions. Its role is to ensure that the multi-stage centrifugal pump is not free from interference and normal work.

The oil and gas separator is divided into a rotary separator and a VORTEX separator, respectively using the centrifugal principle and the vortex principle to realize the separation of gas and liquid. They are less than 35% in the pump suction nozzle of gas wells with submersible pump with the use of gas can be separated effectively, and can be used for high gas content wells, cascade multilevel use, so as to ensure the stable and reliable operation of submersible pump.

TVEM rotary separator, including 338, 387, 400, 540, five series of 675.

VORTEX separator, including 387, 400, three series of 540.

The two products are TVEM Monel K-500 and other high-strength alloy shaft and stainless steel and other high quality anti-corrosion materials. As the main component, and the use of tungsten carbide bearings to meet the needs of sand wells, and has shown good wear resistance in practical applications. On this basis, the TVEM can also provide special anti-corrosion coatings for the protection of H2S, CO2 and other corrosive environments.

TVEM multiphase gas processor is used as a gas suction nozzle is more than 30% wells with submersible pump with the use of interference can not only protect the submersible pump without free gas, but also can improve the lifting efficiency of the electric submersible pump system.

TVEM can provide 387, 400, 540 series of products. The same can also be based on user needs to provide enhanced corrosion and strengthen the sand mold of the product.

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