Submerged impeller

In order to ensure the quality of submersible electric pump and meet the needs of the market, the casting branch. The factory covers an area of 7400 square meters, with 35 sets of equipment, the wax and sand mould complete impeller casting technology and production lines, the annual production of 1400 tons of impeller.

At present, the production of a series of seven series from the series to the 675 series of 63 pumps. Including REDA pumps, Centrilift pumps and Russia pumps and other standard system of the impeller.

Casting branch in the manufacturing process not only pay attention to checking, pay attention to special inspection, thus setting several special inspection process in the production process, to carry out inspection from the product structure shape, chemical composition, size precision, performance of multiple directions, qualified products has reached 100%.

In order to ensure the quality of the chemical composition of the impeller, the foundry equipment is not only used in the advanced spectral component analysis equipment, but also used the chemical method to test the sample composition.

The machining precision is an important quality index of the impeller guide shell, and all of the casting factory adopts the numerical control equipment. In the process, the three coordinate measuring instrument is used for sampling inspection.

The performance index of the guide vane is the core index of the quality index. In order to ensure the stability of the performance indicators and meet customer requirements, the casting plant with three to five sampling inspection and pump performance test of the double test method.

Casting branch can be based on the needs of users in the existing pump type on the basis of a variety of development and improvement.

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