Submerged parts

The quality of the submersible electric pump depends on the design scheme of the submersible pump unit and the assembly quality of the submersible electric pump unit. TVEM in order to ensure the quality of submersible electric pump set up a variety of important parts of the production workshop and production plant. This is one of the components of the machining workshop, he mainly for the production of TVEM submersible electric pump unit needs a variety of machining parts.

TVEM machining workshop using advanced numerical control machine tools, as well as all the components used in submersible pump, so as to ensure the accuracy of the components of the high dimensional accuracy and position accuracy.

In the machine shop also used a large number of advanced detection equipment, such as three coordinate measuring instrument, to ensure the quality of the processing to meet the requirements of the drawings. At the same time, the machine shop uses modern information management means to ensure that the processing of each product in each of the processing process to be effectively controlled, improve the traceability of parts.

All the operators in the TVEM machine shop are trained and have high professional skills. It can guarantee the quality of the machined parts. To this end, we are willing to provide our customers to improve the production of various types of submersible pump TVEM machining parts, or according to the needs of users to process a variety of submersible pump parts.

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