Structural features and maintenance of oil submersible


Tianjin Jing Haosheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Lian Zhuang township of Ninghe District, my company is based on the electric submersible pump, submersible technology development, protection and petroleum equipment fittings mold production, assembly, sales of imports of goods Limited Liability Company. Today, submersible electric pump manufacturers to introduce you to the structure and maintenance of submersible protector!

First, the structure of the submersible protector

The oil pump protector is composed of a main engine, a pump head and an electric control box. The host is the measurement, control and protection equipment operation of submersible tanker, within the filter, flowmeter, electromagnetic valve, oil gun etc.. The pump head is provided with a one-way valve, a pressure regulating valve, an explosion-proof junction box and a capacitor box, etc.. Submersible protector for motor, pump, filter, temperature controller, etc..

Two, the characteristics of the submersible protector

1 can reduce the construction cost of oil station, a submersible protection device for multi pump oil supply, saving pipeline, elbow, valve.

2 directly placed in the tank to use, without the need for oil and gas separation, the pipeline does not exist the phenomenon of air resistance, long life, low noise, little maintenance.

3 directly placed in the tank, there is no vaporization. When the following situations can be used to protect the oil tank to solve: the tank diameter, buried too deep, too long oil pipeline, oil temperature is high, the location of the altitude of the reasons for the tanker suck oil.

The 4 line is always a positive pressure than the self suction pump easier pipeline leak test, to facilitate the installation of leak detection system, timely detection of leakage, reduce environmental pollution.

5 the motor is equipped with overheating protector, the oil is evacuated, with the increase of temperature, the motor will automatically power off.

6 can be equipped with mechanical or electronic leak detector leak detection system.

Three, the technical parameters of the submersible protector

Voltage: 200V~250V

Frequency: 50HZ

Power: 1.5

Medium: gasoline, diesel and other proportion is less than 0.95, the viscosity at 15.5 DEG C = 70SUS (12.5mm2/s) fuel

Ambient temperature: ~40 from-20 DEG C

Rated current: 10 A

Winding resistance: black yellow 2.73.4 Omega yellow red black red 15.018.7 12.415.2 Omega - Omega

Note: the use of ethanol gasoline and so on should be selected with AG prefix pump motor components.

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