how to use wax mold

Wax mold is divided into four types: gas station with wax mold, oil depots with wax mold, tank crane crane unloading oil with wax mold, oil wells with crude oil submersible pump. They are generally used after the need for a certain cleanup of the Wax mold, and then put up and down, but many people do not know how to submarine pump maintenance? Tianjin submersible pump manufacturers to tell us about the following!

The following by the Tianjin submersible pump manufacturers to tell you the maintenance of wax mold, hurry up to look at it:

1. Transport easy to precipitate, easy to crystallize, easy to solidify, and other media submersible pump, stop the submersible pump should be promptly washed with water or other media wax mold and pipes to prevent clogging.

2. Hightemperature submersible pump parking should be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the technical equipment, after stopping every 20 to 30min drive half a circle, until the wax mold temperature dropped to 50 ℃ so far.

3. lowtemperature submersible pump parking, when no special requirements, the submersible pump should always be filled with liquid.

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